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We are a tech company that develops digital tools and software solutions that empower people to make an impact for the climate and quantify, validate and certify the impact

EcoNation acts as an holistic ecosystem, empowering companies to systematically track and showcase their impactful sustainability initiatives.

EcoNation Monitoring Dashboard

Our Solutions

EcoNation’s vision is to make sustainability commonplace by empowering millions of people for climate activities that are fully traceable, rewarding and anti-greenwashing. We have created the EcoNation ecosystem to fulfill that vision in two ways:

Empower your Teams and Employees for Climate Action & CO₂ Reduction

Fun and traceable impact.

Foster team engagement and your sustainability culture.

Simple, fun and transparent impact.
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International Climate Protection

Fully traceable impact - anti-greenwashing.

Empower International Waste Recovery Systems

Integrate fully traceable impact initiatives into your sustainability strategy.
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More than 30 organizations trust EcoNation already

Track your Climate Actions

with our free App

Track traceable Climate Actions like CleanUps, Recycling Activities and Spot Litter to make an impact

Member of Prevent Waste Alliance

Winner Circular Economy Award by BDE: Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Kreislaufwirtschaft

How to use EcoNation? Watch the full platform overview here.

ESG Tracking Platform

EcoNation is a mixed-reality platform and Tracking Tool in one solution. Developed by TFP and mapped to the real world, EcoNation lets users track their eco-friendly actions (Cleanup, Recycling, etc.) over the app and rewards them with products, discounts and other rewards.

Impact Reporting

Every impact activity is transparent tracked and visible in the campaign dashboard website to help brands and organizations to offset their plastic footprint in a transparent and trackable way.



Climate Protection

The future is digital, circular and decentralized. EcoNation uses newest technology to empower companies and individuals to make an impact on Climate Protection and achieving net zero.


become an


Join monthly challenges and see you impact.


Spot recycling stations in your area.


Track waste disposals at recycling stations and find out how much CO2 you are saving.


Track your CleanUp with our CleanUp function.


Become the biggest EcoHero of your country in our monthly challenges and earn special prizes.

Our services

EcoNation Monitoring Dashboard

Track your ESG-Initiatives

Open a group and quantify, validate and certify your impact to improve your ESG-rating.

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecosystem for a better track & trace of Impact Activities within a Circular Economy by offering a solution to track each activity right after the consumption till the moment of entering recycling facilities.

Once you open a group with your company. All activities that are logged from your group members will be seen in the dashboard that is designed for your group.

How many cleanups were held? How many kilogram were recycled in our company?

What other eco-friendly activities did we support as a team to accelerate a Circular Economy?

Everything in the EcoNation Dashboard – transparently visible.

Global Impact Projects

With our Impact and Education Campaigns service, businesses, schools, and universities can take a proactive approach to sustainability, creating a culture of awareness and environmental responsibility. Our program is designed to be customizable and adaptable to the needs of each organization, ensuring that it is effective and impactful.

Join us in the fight for a sustainable future, one where education and awareness are at the forefront of positive change. Contact us today to learn more about our Impact and Education Campaigns service and how we can help you to make a positive impact on the environment with our innovative app, EcoNation.



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