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Bhutan’s Waste Revolution: Interview with the global waste management expert Sebastian Frisch

Explore the insightful interview with global waste management expert Sebastian Frisch as he discusses Bhutan’s Waste Revolution, a 360-degree approach to sustainable waste solutions. Learn about the challenges, visionary initiatives, and the pivotal role of EcoNation in transforming Bhutan’s waste management landscape.

Leading the Field: Sport Group’s Sustainable Game Plan with EcoNation

Read the interview with Lisa-Marie Ro├čkothen! Leading the sports industry in sustainability. The EcoNation partnership drives the circular economy, engages employees globally, and targets substantial CO2 reduction. A groundbreaking initiative, forging a path towards a greener and more responsible future for Sport Group.

Sport Group Partners with EcoNation to Pioneer Innovative ESG

Sport Group, a global leader in sport surfaces, has partnered with sustainability software company EcoNation to introduce a groundbreaking Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative. Dedicated to transforming the sports surface industry, Sport Group has chosen the EcoNation platform to monitor and enhance ESG-related activities among its employees and in global projects, including an initiative in Bhutan.