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By empowering brands, schools, and institutions, we turn environmental actions into a fun, gamified, and measurable experience.

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Mixed-Reality Platform to Track Recycling, Document CleanUps and Spot Litter for a Greener Planet.

Mobile App & Gamification

EcoNation is a mixed-reality platform and Tracking Tool in one solution. Developed by TFP and mapped to the real world, EcoNation lets users track their eco-friendly actions (Cleanup, Recycling, etc.) over the app and rewards them with products, discounts and other rewards.

Make an impact

Every impact activity is transparent tracked and visible in the campaign dashboard website to help brands and organizations to offset their plastic footprint in a transparent and trackable way.




The future is digital, circular and decentralized. EcoNation uses newest technology to let contributors earn from the success of the project with the help of Web3. 


become an


Look deep into nature, and you will
understand everything better.


Spot recycling stations in your area.


Track waste disposals at recycling stations and find out how much CO2 you are saving.


Track your CleanUp with our CleanUp function.


Become the biggest EcoHero of your country in our monthly challenges and earn special prizes.

How to use EcoNation? Watch the full platform overview here.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make circularity commonplace by empowering impactors, offsetors and people.

Our Values

At our company, we embody a set of core values that guide our actions and decisions. We value courage, knowing that it takes bravery to take risks and push boundaries. We are resilient, embracing challenges and setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. Our purpose is clear and ever-present, driving us to create meaningful impact in everything we do.

We believe in liberating ourselves and others from limiting beliefs and outdated practices, freeing us to innovate and create new solutions. We are constantly exploring, seeking out new ideas, approaches, and perspectives to stay at the forefront of our industry. At the same time, we stay grounded in our values and principles, knowing that they serve as a solid foundation for our work.

Above all, we value transparency, honesty, and open communication, both within our team and with our clients and partners. By living these values, we strive to create a work environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and mutual respect.



Fractionalized ownership of the EcoNation Metaverse as unique Land NFTs.

2/5 Genesis countries Minted 

(total 2222 Land NFTs)

Each country with a unique utility and experience

Landowners participate on all EcoActions on their land (Dashboard coming soon)

The launch of the EcoNation metaverse is our contribution for a sustainable future and the first metaverse empowering and incentivizing circular economy movements.

Our services

Digital EPR-System for Brands

Welcome to our EPR-System for brands, a cutting-edge solution that helps businesses take control of their environmental impact. We understand the importance of responsible production and disposal, which is why we have developed a digital EPR system that allows brands to track and manage their products through the entire product lifecycle.

Our system helps brands to gain valuable data on where their products are disposed, providing insights into areas where they can improve their environmental impact. By keeping materials in the loop for a circular economy, we help brands to reduce waste and carbon emissions, while also promoting sustainable practices across their entire supply chain.

Plastic Offset Certification

Welcome to our Plastic Offset for Companies service, a groundbreaking solution for businesses that are committed to reducing their plastic footprint. We understand the urgent need for action on plastic waste, which is why we have developed a unique program that allows companies to offset their plastic usage by sponsoring our impactful campaigns.

Our program is designed to be transparent and fully traceable, using our cutting-edge platform to track the progress of each activity. With our platform, greenwashing is not possible – you can rest assured that your sponsorship is making a real difference in the fight against plastic waste.

We believe that every business has a responsibility to take action on plastic waste, and our Plastic Offset for Companies program is a powerful way to make a real difference. By sponsoring our campaigns, you can offset your plastic footprint while also supporting the development of sustainable solutions for the future.

Our Plastic Offset for Companies service is unique in its transparency and accountability, making it a reliable choice for businesses that are serious about their commitment to sustainability. Contact us today to learn more about how our program can help you to make a positive impact on the environment, and join us in the fight against plastic waste.

Education & Impact Projects

With our Impact and Education Campaigns service, businesses, schools, and universities can take a proactive approach to sustainability, creating a culture of awareness and environmental responsibility. Our program is designed to be customizable and adaptable to the needs of each organization, ensuring that it is effective and impactful.

Join us in the fight for a sustainable future, one where education and awareness are at the forefront of positive change. Contact us today to learn more about our Impact and Education Campaigns service and how we can help you to make a positive impact on the environment with our innovative app, EcoNation.


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