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EcoNation Monitoring Dashboard

Track, Quantify and Certify ESG-improving activities in your Organisation

EcoNation is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecosystem for a better track & trace of Impact Activities within a Circular Economy. It is a powerful yet super simple tracking tool for companies that makes your positive impact on the planet visible with a wide range of awesome features.

  • Recycling Tracking

  • Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

  • Group Ranking and Monthly Challenges

  • ESG-Certification

Open a group
and start making
circularity commonplace

Imagine you could create your own employee challenges and incentivize your organisation for correct waste management.

Once you open a group all activities that are logged from your group members will be seen in the dashboard that is designed for your group.

How many cleanups were held? 

How many kilogram were recycled in our company?

What other eco-friendly activities did we support as a team to accelerate a Circular Economy?

Everything in the EcoNation Dashboard – transparently visible.

Watch your live stats
and track impact

 Within the monitoring dashboard you will see every tracked activity and progress towards your ESG-goals in real-time. On top of that we help you to certify your impact for your ESG-Report and support to activate your organisations employees. In matters of transparency each impact is mapped and geolocated and enables highest Tracking Transparency.

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EcoNation ESG is the easiest ESG
Tracking Tool on the Market

EcoNation is a reliable tracking software used by business of all sizes all over the globe. Due to the huge number of safety measures, you can be confident your Tracking Data is completely verifiable and can be used for your ESG-Report.

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What our users say

Trusted by more than 40,000 users in almost every industry and country.

An essential tool for anyone with ESG obligations who is serious about bringing their business on a higher level. I would thoroughly recommend it. The cost is minimal to the level of impact it can generate or provide.

Lee Werell

I’m sooo happy with EcoNation. The arsenal of features is simply incredible. Undoubtedly, it’s much better than those typical ESG activities.

Audrey Bryant

Really good software that works amazingly well. The videos are helpful. I think it takes a little getting used to but works really well and we're growing our ESG-impact day by day. Thanks for this!

Andy Storch

Fantastic tool for ESG! Makes tracking so much faster and easier, plus it's simple to use. Still getting my head around setting up the group activities but the marketing materials are very helpful. Highly recommend.

Kali Gray

ESG is becoming every day more relevant in our daily work and with EcoNation we found a tool to make the tracking easy and fun.

Audrey Bryant

Common Questions about EcoNation

Our platform offers a variety of tools and analyses designed to assist your company in identifying, implementing, and tracking environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and governance-related initiatives. Discover how our solutions can significantly enhance your ESG rating sustainably.

Our platform not only facilitates the measurement of ESG metrics but also offers tools to promote conscious and responsible behavior within your organization. Learn more about how we support companies in successfully integrating ESG practices into their corporate culture.

We prioritize the security of your data. Our platform employs advanced security measures to ensure the safety and protection of all ESG-related information. Explore further details about our data privacy and security standards.

Yes, our platform is flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your company. We provide customized solutions to ensure that you can effectively capture and manage the relevant ESG aspects within your organization. Learn more about our customization options.

Our platform features robust analytics and reporting functions, enabling companies to transparently track and communicate their progress towards ESG goals. Discover how our tools can aid you in creating meaningful ESG reports, positioning your company on the path to a more sustainable future.

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