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When: 18th August till 19th of September

What is the EcoHero Kenya Challenge?

Empower Citizens for a Sustainable Future

The EcoHero Kenya Challenge empowers citizens to actively participate in sustainable waste management. Through the innovative EcoNation app, you can earn EcoCredits by engaging in eco-friendly activities like tracking cleanups, spotting, and recycling. Compete to become the first EcoHero of Kenya by collecting the most EcoCredits in one month.

Key Features of the Challenge

EcoNation App Integration: Track Your Eco-Friendly Actions

  • Use the EcoNation app to monitor your recycling, waste reduction, and clean-up activities.
  • Earn EcoCredits for every contribution to environmental conservation.

EcoHero Challenge Competition: Be the Top EcoHero

  • Compete to collect the highest number of EcoCredits in September.
  • See your ranking on our website and strive to be recognized as the EcoHero of Kenya.
  • The top EcoHero will be awarded the prestigious EcoHero of Kenya Award.

Community Engagement: Foster Collective Responsibility

  • Collaborate with your municipality and join a community effort to improve waste management.
  • Participate in meaningful environmental activities and inspire others to commit to sustainability.

Benefits of creating a Group

Digitalization of Recycling Infrastructure: Transform Waste Management Systems

  • Contribute to the digital transformation of waste management, making processes more efficient.

Changing Citizen Behavior: Promote Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Help raise awareness and educate others on sustainable waste management, encouraging eco-friendly behaviors.

Waste Data Information and Monitoring: Gain Valuable Insights

  • Access a Monitoring Dashboard that provides crucial waste data, aiding in informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Impact Tracking: Measure Environmental Impact

  • Track your environmental impact, including CO2 savings, and contribute to carbon market initiatives.

Ready to Make a Difference?

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