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Launched the first Metaverse for a circular economy

09/15/2022 – On the occasion of World Cleanup Day, the Swiss start-up EcoNation is launching its first NFT collection. This starts the construction of the first metaverse for a circular economy.

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Human consumption today works according to the take-make-waste principle: we buy something, use it briefly and dispose of it quickly. This behavior swallows around 100 billion tons of resources every year, of which around 90 percent are wasted.

That’s why EcoNation believes: “Building a circular economy should play a role in all areas of our lives.” With the help of the latest technologies, the founders want to contribute to a greener economy.

What is EcoNation?

EcoNation is a gamified metaverse. This is a link between the real and the virtual world. This is where people come together to do something for the planet, both in real and virtual life – and to be rewarded for it.

The app is a further development of the award-winning app “The Fortunate Planet” from the Kreuzlingen-based start-up of the same name. In it, users can, for example, map circular economy goods such as recycling stations and record their environmentally friendly behavior. In return, they receive so-called EcoCredits, which can be traded on a virtual marketplace.

Screenshots EcoNation
Screenshots EcoNation © zVg EcoNation

The first country presented is Switzerland

On September 17, the first “Genesis Land NFTs” will appear, laying the foundation for a “new disruptive economy” in terms of sustainability. The first of a total of five “Genesis” countries, each with 2222 parts, will be Switzerland, reports “The Fortunate Planet”.

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