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Meet EcoHeroes: Bhutans Nature Cleanup Champion Gyambo

As the world embraces the urgency of sustainable practices, Bhutan stands at a pivotal crossroads. With a recycling rate of just 10%, the nation faces pressing challenges in waste management. Despite being the world’s first carbon-negative country, Bhutan is grappling with environmental sustainability and waste management issues.

In a country where environmental conservation is becoming increasingly vital, a remarkable individual has emerged as a true beacon of change. Gyambo, a dedicated tour guide, trash champion, volunteer, and lifelong member of the Guide Association of Bhutan (GAB), embarked on a monumental mission since June 4, 2022. Gyambo journeyed through all 20 Dzongkhags, spearheading nationwide cleaning campaigns that encompassed diverse locations ranging from cremation grounds to schools. In this interview, we delve into Gyambo’s inspiring journey, his motivations, and the impact of his noble undertaking.

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The Inception of a Noble Mission

Gyambo’s mission, initiated on June 4, 2022, stands as a testament to the power of individual determination in creating widespread change. A tour guide by profession, Gyambo recognized the pressing need for a cleaner and healthier environment. His vision extended beyond the traditional realms of tourism, as he set out to restore the natural beauty of Bhutan’s landscapes. Friends and acquaintances initially spotted Gyambo near Thrimshing-la, kicking off a journey that would soon capture the attention and admiration of the entire nation.

Source: Gyambo (2022)

A Cleanup Champion’s Tireless Dedication

His unwavering commitment led him through the nooks and crannies of all 20 Dzongkhags, where he tirelessly cleaned areas that held immense cultural and spiritual significance. From cremation grounds, lhakhangs, and dzongs, to schools and beyond, Gyambo’s cleaning campaign left no stone unturned. The sheer magnitude of his efforts not only physically transformed these spaces, but also ignited a sense of responsibility and pride among the communities he touched.

Gyambo is dedicated to go every saturday on a Cleanup for more than a year now. Equipped with the EcoNation app he tracks transparently each cleanup and environmental impact.

A Multi-Faceted Approach: EcoNation’s Program

EcoNation, a pioneering initiative, emerges as a catalyst for Bhutan’s circular economy transition. With a mission to restore the environment, reintegrate resources, and empower citizens, the program encompasses strategic cleanups and data infrastructure development. By prioritizing tangible impact, EcoNation not only cleans up the environment but also lays the foundation for data-driven waste management strategies.

Source: the fortunate planet (2022)

This innovative platform gamifies waste management, engaging citizens while fostering transparency.

Users actively participate by digitizing waste management events – spotting disposal stations, tracking cleanups, and reporting landfills.

These actions earn users EcoCredits, translating their efforts into valuable goods and prizes via an exclusive marketplace.

EcoNation’s impact is twofold. Firstly, it spurs strategic cleanups, guided by real-time data insights for effective waste management. Secondly, it empowers citizens, cultivating a sense of environmental ownership and responsibility.

Inspiration and Unity: Extending the Cleaning Campaign

As Gyambo’s monumental cleaning campaign neared its conclusion, the ripples of his efforts reverberated throughout Bhutan. Inspired by his selflessness and dedication, friends, well-wishers, and families joined forces to amplify his impact. A heartwarming example of this was the additional cleaning campaign that welcomed Gyambo back to Thimphu. Starting from the city’s welcome gate and culminating at Changlimithang parking, this collective endeavor showcased the power of unity in fostering meaningful change.

Continuing the Journey with Cutting-Edge Innovation

However, Gyambo’s legacy doesn’t end here; instead, it evolves and expands, embracing groundbreaking technology to amplify its impact. Partnering with forward-thinking entities like BFS, EcoEx, NKN, and TFP, Gyambo is taking his commitment to the environment to new heights. Through collaborative efforts, they have introduced the revolutionary EcoNation app, designed to meticulously track and enhance Gyambo’s profound influence on nature.

Join Gyambo’s Digital Brigade: Be the Change

Today, Gyambo’s legacy continues to flourish, and it’s inviting you to be a part of it. With the EcoNation app, you have the power to follow in his footsteps, making a lasting impact on the environment and future generations. Download the app onto your Android or iOS device, and take the next step in this remarkable journey. Capture your cleanup efforts, input vital data, and witness your contributions come to life through insightful KPIs. As Gyambo’s legacy gets even bigger, let your digital footprint join the movement towards a cleaner, greener world.

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