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Time to rethink and rebuild the economical relevance of sustainability and waste monetization

Together we will create a tokenized and greener economy with the power of Web3.

The metaverse is the state we reach, once we achieve an universal world in which the physical and virtual world fully merge to enrich our experiences and possibilities while creating digital value (Tokenization).

We are building the metaverse for all circular economy stakeholders


One of the biggest obstacles of a functional circular economy is the intransparency of waste flows. For most of the packaging waste in the world, the industry has absolutely no information WHERE and WHAT kind of waste gets disposed. Due to this lack of transparency we have really bad data to understand the problem. By digitizing circular economy assets and activities we will be able to open this “blackbox” and let the contributors get rewarded for it.

Income Opportunity

The metaverse is expected to create millions of new jobs. Currently in the waste management industry has a nearly fully offline value creation model in which only the one who is processing the waste gets economical incentivized. Imagine new income streams which can be operated fully digital and still support a circular economy transition.

Digital value creation

Especially the limited resources of our planet will get a bigger economical relevance in the near future, as the world population consumes daily more and raw materials are per se limited. The demand for recycled materials will increase. Either we will be urged to increase recycled material prices immensely in the upcoming years or we find another way to reward circular economy contributors. The metaverse creates this opportunity to shift value creation into the digital world on top of offline material sales and rewards circular economy supporters on a whole new level.


Behavior change to correct waste separation. Everyone has an impact on a circular economy by separating their waste correctly and disposing it a the right disposal points. Incentivized education and behavior change onto eco-friendly behavior without crazy sacrifices.

Making eco-friendly contributions economically relevant.

Own a piece of the metaverse and earn from your land.

Coming soon.

Join the community of landowners and buy virtual land within the EcoNtation metaverse.
By owning land, you will earn a % share of every token emitted from the activities taking place on their property. This creates a steady stream of income and the potential for significant returns over time. Coming soon.

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