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Automate and simplify your work on LinkedIn

Octopus is a powerful yet super simple autopilot for LinkedIn that automates your work and has a wide range of awesome features.

  • Send automated (personalized) connection requests on LinkedIn

  • Send connection requests by email to bypass the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn

  • Message hundreds of 1st level connections in bulk

  • Automatically endorse up to 7 skills on profiles of your LinkedIn contacts

  • Visit hundreds of profiles automatically

Build your
marketing funnel
on LinkedIn

Imagine you could automatically connect with your target audience, then send a “thank you” message once the connection requests are accepted, endorse a few skills to warm these prospects up and convert them into clients by sending follow-ups.

The software allows you to create your personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel. Add, remove and combine features quickly and easily, save all your prospects in your personal dashboard and start getting awesome results with Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation.

Watch your stats
and evaluate

You cannot assess your marketing efforts without watching stats, which are so important these days.
Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation lets you observe various important metrics including the number of profile views & search appearances, your social selling index and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

a few more

Connect by Email

Worried about the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn? Octopus CRM allows you to bypass this limitation and send 500+ connection requests per week by email without any risk to your LinkedIn account

Import / Export

Upload your own list of LinkedIn profiles to the Octopus CRM campaigns for further actions or export data from LinkedIn to CSV file.

Zapier and Hubspot integration

Want to push data and actions from LinkedIn to Zapier, Google Docs, Hubspot or other apps? Integrate your Octopus CRM campaigns with Zapier in just a few clicks!

Compatibility with all LinkedIn account types

Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tools can be used on LinkedIn Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and even Recruiter Lite accounts.

Activity Control

Allow Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool track your LinkedIn performance and send you immediate notifications right after our system detects the excessive activity on LinkedIn for extra safety.

How It Works

Find Your Target Audience

Look for your target audience on LinkedIn by filtering profiles in the LinkedIn Search or prepare a CSV file with LinkedIn profile URLs

Add Leads to Campaign

Add these leads to your "connecting", "messaging", "visiting" or "endorsing" campaigns depending on what action you would like to perform with these leads.

Launch Your Campaign

Now launch the campaign to start performing automated actions with these leads.

Octopus CRM is the
Safest LinkedIn
Automation Tool on the

Octopus CRM is a reliable automation software safely used by businesses of all sizes all over the globe. Due to the huge number of safety measures, you can be confident your LinkedIn outreach is completely genuine and cannot cause any risk to your LinkedIn account.

Our clients

Our LinkedIn automation tool works best for:

Business Owners

Marketing Agencies


Business Owners

Compatible with

Octopus CRM is 100% compatible with Free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter (including Recruiter Lite)

Sales Navigator

No pain, No gain! Pricing plans


CHF 250 /month*
  • 1 - 250 Group Members
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Impact Certificate (CO2
  • Community Activation
  • Global Plastic Recovery

Special Offer

CHF 450/month*
  • 251 - 500 Group Members
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Impact Certificate (CO2
  • Community Activation
  • Global Plastic Recovery


CHF 950/month*
  • 501+ Group Members
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Impact Certificate (CO2
  • Community Activation
  • Global Plastic Recovery

What our users say

Trusted by more than 40,000 users in almost every industry and country.

An essential tool for anyone with a LinkedIn Premium account who is serious about building their business. I would thoroughly recommend it. The cost is minimal to the level of business it can generate or provide

Lee Werell

I’m sooo happy with Octopus. The arsenal of features is simply incredible. Undoubtedly, it’s much better than a full time assistant.

Audrey Bryant

Really good software that works amazingly well. The videos are helpful. I think it takes a little getting used to but works really well and I'm growing my connections on LinkedIn in a very targeted way day by day. Thanks for this!

Andy Storch

Fantastic tool for LinkedIn! Makes messaging and new connections so much faster and easier, plus it's simple to use. Still getting my head around setting up the funnels but the videos are very helpful. Highly recommend.

Kali Gray

I’m sooo happy with Octopus. The arsenal of features is simply incredible. Undoubtedly, it’s much better than a full time assistant.

Audrey Bryant

Common Questions about Automation on
LinkedIn with Octopus CRM

Even though it’s highly recommended to have a premium profile on LinkedIn, it’s not a mandatory condition.

Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation works perfectly well with free LinkedIn accounts.

Due to the new LinkedIn limitation, you’re allowed to send up to 100 connection requests per week. With Octopus CRM, you can bypass this limit and continue sending 500+ invitations per week (100-120 connection requests per DAY) without any risk to your LinkedIn account. And you do that by sending connection requests by email.

One of the most effective strategies here is to send 100 regular connection requests / week and once you reach the weekly limit, switch to sending connection requests by email.

As for the messages, you can send up to 100-150 messages on LinkedIn (depending on the type of your LinkedIn account).

You can cancel your subscription with us anytime by going to your Billing page in your dashboard and pressing on the  “Cancel subscription” button or reaching out to our support team via

to get started?